Garment Workers' Exhibit Visits State Capitol

25 Mar 2012 10:59 AM | Posted by GNHLHA
“New Haven’s Garment Workers: An Elm City Story” was shown in its entirety in the concourse of the Legislative Office Building at the State Capitol in Hartford March 5-9, 2012. 

This was its latest stop on its tour around the state of Connecticut and beyond, and happily coincided with the public hearing before the Education Committee of the State Legislature about the Greater New Haven Labor History Association’s raised bill to mandate the teaching of labor history, the collective bargaining process and the history of existing legal protections in the workplace as part of the Connecticut public school curriculum.  Learn more about the Labor History in the Schools initiative here.

Next stop for the Garment Workers exhibit: the Southern Connecticut State University’s annual Women’s Studies Conference, April 20-21, 2012.

Aaron Goode Photograph 

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