Our Mission

Educate! Energize! Organize!


The mission of the Greater New Haven Labor History Association (LHA) is to promote the cause of unionism in Connecticut and beyond through academics and activism. Composed of students, active and retired educators and union officers and members, the LHA identifies the lessons of labor history and applies them to today's labor movement.

Ponemah Mills in Norwich


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Who We Are

  • A membership-based organization comprised of individuals and organizations committed to advancing the cause of Labor.
  • A forum for discussing the lessons of labor history and applying them to today's labor movement.
  • An educational resource and a historical archive center for records pertaining to our local labor history
  • We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

What We Do

  • Maintain a Facebook page that is the largest aggregator of labor news and information in the state.
  • Maintain a Twitter page that keeps the public apprised of fast-breaking labor news. 
  • Create traveling exhibits and install them in community venues.
  • Organize public events such as workshops, walking tours, book-signings, film festivals, talks by labor historians and the LHA Annual Meeting.
  • Conduct projects such as oral history interviews with retired workers, strike assistance, researching Connecticut labor history.
  • Present the August Lewis Troup Award annually to individuals in recognition of their personal contributions to the labor community.
If you would like to help support programming at GNHLHA, please consider making a donation online.  

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Greater New Haven Labor History Association  •  267 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06513 •  info@laborhistory.org •

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The old office telephone number is no longer operational
Messages left there cannot and will not be retrieved. Please contact the Labor History Association by email.

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